Congratulations Carolyn Porretta!

We are very excited to congratulate our Head of Revenue and Research, Carolyn Porretta, on her recent appointment to the Board of Directors at the Housing for Women charity!!  Housing for Women believes that everyone has a right to affordable housing regardless of circumstance. They have been providing homes and services to women and their families across London for nearly a century and through their work they enable women to develop their skills and confidence and live independently in the community.

Here at the JLL, we are both thrilled and proud that our members go on to run companies, sit on boards and strive for personal excellence. We are firmly committed to developing the potential of women, and these success stories reinforce our mission.

Read what Carolyn has to say.

“I feel I’ve received 10 times what I gave. I found a place where I could grow, get new skills, and develop my leadership in a « safe » non-job related environment and with supportive co-volunteers. That experience has been critical in me landing a board role.”