Congratulations to December’s Member of the Month!

Congratulations to December’s Member of the Month!

December’s Member of the Month is Sara Cantwell of Boutique de Noel. Sara is considered by the entire Boutique de Noel Committee to be a superstar and deserving of recognition. Sara assisted with all areas of Boutique – regularly stepping outside of her role as Logistics Vice-Chair to bring her skills and expertise to other subcommittees. Sara exhibits stellar leadership. She is always informative and encouraging to everyone on her committee. Sara’s follow through is exceptional. She never gives up until a task is complete and is continuing to make sure the final tasks have been completed to her satisfaction. Sara is a problem-solver. Boutique would not have been the success it was without her!

Sara will enjoy a relaxing, reflexology facial treatment, courtesy of Audrey & Elizabeth, generously donated by JLL Past President and Sustainer, Jennifer Crowl.