Happy New Year, everyone! Wishing us all a happy, healthy and prosperous 2017.

December was such a busy month for JLL, and members got involved in a big way. Thank you! However, 3 members really stood out with their participation, in order to help make our signature programmes, Boutique de Noel (BdN) and Holiday Hampers, stand out.
So, in a rather unprecedented move, I am thrilled to announce that Cynthia Ward, Ashley James and Lisa Stoclet have been named December Members of the Month!
Although Cynthia was not placed on the BdN Committee, she and her husband, Joseph, helped to secure several, excellent Silent and Live Auction Prizes. She has also been a dedicated DIAD Glass Door soup kitchen volunteer.
Ashley James is a new member, and has thrown herself into the fray by working all of BdN with a friendly smile, donating 2 fabulous BdN Auction items, and offering JLL members cooking lessons.
Lisa tirelessly worked all of BdN during prep, the actual event, and to help clean up. During the same week,  she worked 3 – count them, 3 – Holiday Hampers shifts!!
Congratulations, ladies!  We are so grateful to the three of you for your service.
You each will be sent a certificate and a small token of JLL Swag.
Thank you so much, and keep up the great work!