How We Work

The Junior League of London is a registered UK charity (Number 1103298), a company limited by guarantee (in England No. 504667), and a member of the Association of Junior Leagues International. The JLL has a wholly-owned trading subsidiary, JLL Enterprises Limited.

The vast majority of our work is done by our 400 volunteer members, with support provided by a part-time bookkeeper and two members of staff.

Like the majority of other Junior League chapters, the JLL operates a Council System displayed through our organisation charts.

Our Board of Directors are elected on an annual basis by a group of our peers. Our Leadership Team are appointed on an annual basis by our Placement Committee.

The Board of Directors serve as the Charity Trustees.  They set and revise all policies which govern our organisation. These women create the long-term strategic objectives, measures, targets and initiatives. Each Vice President is also responsible for a functional area of the League and the annual operational plan for that area.

The Leadership team implements policies. Comprised of Committee Chairs, Co-Chairs and Vice Chairs, these leaders and their committees are free to govern their respective responsibilities within the policies set by the Board. Our committees support the community needs of London as well as the institutional needs of the organisation.