JLL Recognises Members who Contributed to Holiday Hampers

8 December 2011

Thank you to all our members for their contributions

The League would like thank the following women for contributing to the Holiday Hampers programme this year. Whether donating gifts for a hamper or liaising with a corporate donor, these women played a key role in helping us expand the programme by 15% and reaching our ambitious goal of assembling more than 1,000 hampers.

We would like to recognise the following members for going above and beyond:

• Susanna Pitts, who secured 4 hampers and over £1,200 in hamper sponsorship from outside of the league (including £1,000 in corporate funds)
• Jenny Noe-Nordberg, who co-ordinated with friends outside of the League to donate 14 hampers
• Ashley McCullen, who donated an extra-large Eaves house gift AND secured corporate donations
• Jeanie Arnold, who donated a hamper AND an Eaves house
• Melissa Allen, who donated 2 hampers, an Eaves house and £50 for hamper sponsorship partially through donations outside of the League
• Christine Theodore, Jennifer Hicks, Lisa Bajardi and Meredith Niles, who each donated 2 hampers
• Kate Demirjian and Claire Thornley who initiated gift drives at the American School in London and The Hall
• The following women helped us establish relationships with corporate donors or other members of the public who supported the programme: Curtis Brown for books (Mary Burris), Lush for soaps (Ashley McCullen), L’Oreal for cosmetics and toiletries (Kathrin Dunn), Minerva for space to assembly the hampers (Elisabeth Schwab), My Media for printing (Angie O’Sullivan), Recall for cardboard boxes (Kate Caldarelli), Dr. Renda Welch DDS for toothbrushes (Lauren Welch), Georgina Whiteley for design work (Kat Laina) Charles Staton-Jones for photography (Annie Byerley) and Dipti Kapadia of the Wall Street Journal for videography (Jennifer Hicks).

Hamper Donations:

Frances Abel
Melissa Allen*
Jane Armstrong
Jeanie Arnold*
Ana Arxer (Taylor)
Seemi Awan
Ozlem Ayata
Mimi Aye
Lisa Bajardi*
Julie Bennett
Natalie Benoy
Annie Byerley
Courtney Caplan
Jennifer Clavadetscher
Lisa Coffee
Bonnie Coleman
Katie Coulon
Jennifer Crowl
Alison Davis
Lindsay Davis
Anne Doty Stukas
Kerrie Dunker
Kelly Emmerson
Anita Flintoff
Margaret Fowler
Fiona Fry
Fiona Gallagher
Gillian Granville Bentley
Kristy Greene
Susanna Haig
Caroline Harris
Jennifer Hicks
Lauren Higgens
Samantha Hinton
Megan Howard
Miranda Kimball
Kristina Kuhnke
Allison Lindeman
Lindsey Lindgren
Julia Love
Julie Mackee
Celia McAulay
Ashley McCullen*
Jody McDaniel
Lauren McKenna
Lillian McNeila
Kathleen Meehan
Sylvan Methot
Lindsay Mitchell
Christine Mohrmann*
Fiona Muir
Meredith Niles*
Jenny Noe-Nordberg*
Claudette Outland
Jennifer Parker
Diana Peck Borys
Jennifer Pitts
Susanna Pitts
Mary Allen Saunders
Caroline Scali
Elizabeth Seigler
Ariel Speicher
Kelley Stair
Lisa Stoclet
Melissa Taylor
Christine Theodore*
Claire Thornley
Lindsay Wake
Ashley Williams
Caroline Wilson
*These women deserve an extra thank you donating gifts for more than one hamper!