One of JLL’s longest on-going projects in the London community is the Learning Club. Developed in 1997 in conjunction with school administration and staff at Colville Primary School in Notting Hill, the Learning Club is a combination of professionally staffed and volunteer supported endeavours that aim to assist children in their development and academic achievements both as pupils and future citizens.

The Learning Club strives to improve academic standards by providing volunteers to work in the classrooms during school hours. The volunteers work weekly with a particular class, and the committee’s budget also supports over-time pay for teachers to conduct 10 after-school tutorial sessions (including sessions focussed on reading, maths, and art) per term. In addition, the committee organises arts workshops, artist visits, and field trips for the students.

Colville Primary School Library

Staff and pupils were excited and thrilled to open their new library on 1 June this year. Thanks to all the hard work of staff, parents and JLL volunteers, the new library is sure to provide a world of learning and reading for children at the school.

Junior League would like to say thank you to everyone who helped to make this possible including staff and parents from Colville Primary School, Thomas’s Schools Foundation, Strawberry Fields Nursery and Foyle’s Foundation for donating books for the library.

Junior League financed the shelving for the library and provided volunteer help to build the shelving and organise the books.

Read more about this project from the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

Learning Club initatives

Another Learning Club initiative was the second annual Read-A-Thon, held in March – April 2007 and aimed at increasing the students’ excitement about reading. The Learning Club committee worked hard to send home the message that reading is valuable and fun, and used competition and incentives to help get the point across. As students met individual and class reading goals, they received prizes, such as stickers and reading certificates. Learning Club also added nearly 500 books to the Colville classroom libraries and stoked the students’ enthusiasm for reading through a series of author visits. Learning Club brought in children’s authors for storytelling sessions and to lead workshops that got the students thinking about what makes a story interesting. Learning Club also helped create fun reading-themed activities to give the students further positive associations with reading by donating hundreds of pounds of badly needed arts supplies to the school so they could complete interesting reading-related arts projects, like decorating reading journals and making bookmarks.

If you would like further information on Learning Club, please contact the JLL.