Little Black Dress Initiative Relaunch

JLL’s Biggest Fundraiser of the Year Needs Your Support!
Participate from 17 October to 21 October!

The revamped 10th annual Little Black Dress Initiative (#LBDI) is right around the corner. Mark your calendars for the virtual fundraiser, 17-21 October, focused on bringing awareness to poverty.

We need your support to reach our record-breaking fundraising goal of £13K! 

This year it’s all about the little initiatives, those little acts that make a BIG impact! It’s not about what we wear, but what we do to better our community. Sign up to join us here!

There will be several opportunities throughout the week to volunteer and dig into the work that we’re so proud to support alongside our Community Partners.

Throughout the week, you’ll be sharing posts on social media to raise awareness about the effects of poverty in London and how the JLL supports anti-poverty initiatives.

Join us on Sunday 16 October for a kick-off event to get us in the fundraising spirit (time and place TBC) and multiple volunteer opportunities throughout the week, to be announced soon. Stay tuned!