Member of the Year!

We are thrilled to announce this outstanding woman as our Member of the Year, Linda Robson! This year, Linda double placed in Membership as she is especially passionate about developing the potential our women.  She volunteered as a Placement Advisor and was a member of the LEAD committee.  Within Placement, Linda leveraged her incredible organisational behaviour and conflict resolution skills, applying them within the League throughout the year.   She went beyond the JLL commitments and provided the membership with new tools to enhance their experience and align expectations.  She produced a skills matrix and competency resource to support Placement, which is available on our website, and describes attributes within the areas of: Leadership Skills, General Skills and Partner Engagement & Community.  Linda also worked tirelessly to support our members and make them feel ‘heard’ by presenting solutions to develop our women.  Most recently, Linda delivered a session on ‘Managing Difficult Conversations’ at Leadership Training this past weekend to ensure our incoming leaders are supported with resources as the begin the new JLL year.  As a LEAD committee member, Linda helped the team to deliver a comprehensive Conference on ‘When we Show Up’ and secured one of our best keynote speakers to date, Renee Elliott, CEO from Planet Organic.  Lastly, Linda demonstrated her continued investment in JLL by being the highest bidder at the Spring Soiree and won the painting during the live auction!  Thank you Linda for everything you’ve done this year and congratulations being awarded Member of the Year!!