Our Community Committees

JLL’s Community focus is on helping to eradicate poverty in London. The League’s community programmes are delivered through four Action Teams: Homelessness, Education & Literacy, Employability & Life Skills, and Holiday Hampers.

JLL delivers a range of volunteer services and programmes to the community, including:

  • One-off events with two to ten or more volunteers – “Done In A Days”
  • Long-term, regular volunteer events that require a weekly or monthly commitment
  • Major projects or programmes to support a cause, such as Holiday Hampers
  • Poverty advocacy and awareness through our annual Little Black Dress Initiative
  • In-kind donations, ranging from arts & crafts, skilled volunteers, clothing donations, and holiday gifts

During the 2015-2016 League year, JLL provided its members with more than 100 “Done In A Day” volunteering opportunities. More than 1,500 hours of volunteer service were delivered to the London community. We reached more than 3,000 people, including 1,110 children. Download our 2015-2016 community impact report here.


JLL’s homeless support programmes focus on working with shelters, women’s refuges, and foodbanks. Year-round, we volunteer in soup kitchens and drop-in centres that support the homeless. We help prepare and serve meals, wash-up afterwards, share in conversation with our homeless neighbours, and distribute donated clothing. Every week, we volunteer at foodbanks where individuals come for three days of food. We help collect food donations outside of supermarkets, and help foodbanks stock their shelves and serve their clients.

In our work with women’s refuges, we support women who are escaping homelessness, domestic abuse, and human trafficking. We host parties for these women and their children, every year, treating the women to a special experience and hosting arts & crafts activities for the kids.

In 2015-2016, JLL:

  • Served more than 2,800 meals to the homeless
  • Distributed food to 450 people at foodbanks, which will support them for three days, and collected enough food to feed 100 people for three days
  • Provided clothing to 280 homeless persons, prepared 1,065 items of clothing for persons seeking work, and 785 winter coats for families

Education & Literacy

Our Education & Litaeracy programmes focus on supporting children during their earliest years, where we believe we can have the greatest potential, long-term impact. Partnering with schools and community organisations, JLL volunteers provide children with books, literacy tutoring, engaging arts & crafts programmes, and role models and mentoring.

Since 1997, JLL has been supporting students at the Colville Primary School in Notting Hill. JLL volunteers tutor children in reading, phonetics, and maths. JLL provides all of the children at the school (more than 400 children) with school supplies at the beginning of the year, and a book on World Book Day. In addition, we donate books to the school, and host special events, such as inviting renowned authors to give presentations to the students, helping with the students’ annual preparations for Notting Hill Carnival, and in 2012 we helped to build the school’s first library.

In 2015-2016, JLL:

  • Provided school supplies and books for 410 children at Colville Primary School, and donated 25 books to each of the 15 classrooms, for a total of 405 books
  • Tutored for one hour per week during the school year, providing direct support to at least 30 children and delivering approximately 280 hours of tutoring support to Colville students
  • Delivered approximately 240 activities for children, through arts & crafts, games, and holiday parties with organisations, such as the Venture Centre and West London Action for Children

Employability & Life Skills

JLL volunteers with a variety of programmes, which support social mobility, access to the professions, and developing life skills such as managing a personal budget, building confidence, and helping the unemployed prepare for interviews and jobs.

Two of our long-term partners are Smart Works and Suited & Booted, which provide support to low-income London residents, who are trying to re-enter the workforce. Annually, as part of JLL’s Little Black Dress Initiative, JLL members run clothing donation campaigns through friends and family, and their workplaces.

In 2015-2016, JLL:

  • Donated more than 150 sets of professional clothing with an estimated value of £15,000, and organised and steamed over 1,000 items, including clothing, accessories, and shoes
  • Provided skills building workshops on self-esteem and English language tutoring for women in refuge centres
  • Started a new programme of monthly cooking workshops where we teach young women about healthy eating and how to make a meal on a budget
  • Began a new volunteering partnership, whereby JLL members mentor teens to support them to prepare for university and pursuit of a professional career track

Holiday Hampers

Since 1996, JLL has provided personalised holiday hampers, filled with gifts, food, toiletries and other essentials, for some of London’s most vulnerable families during the holiday season. These are provided to nine JLL community partner organisations. Please visit our Holiday Hampers page for more information, including the various ways you can support the programme.

In 2015-2016, JLL:

  • Delivered 682 Hampers to families in need through 9 community partner organisations
  • 1,332 people received hampers, including 596 children
  • Received £8,900 in cash donations and 71 donated hampers