Our Board has agreed that with the rapidly changing situation, next week isn’t the right time to have our members or our donors focused on #theLBDI.

We do aim to run LBDI in 2020. We believe that it can be a fantastic initiative to connect us to each other and to our cause during these unprecedented times. But it is an intensive campaign that needs to deliver content and timing that fits with our members, engages all our networks, and is relevant in the current environment.

If you would like to be involved with #TeamLBDI, please complete the interest form on our website and we will be in touch in the next few weeks when we have a date identified.

In the meantime, our members are continuing our important work virtually, supporting our community partners as available, and working together in their individual neighbourhoods.

Please continue to support your local food charities, follow practices for social distancing, and appreciate the little things.

And if you’d like to donate now, our LBDI page is up and running!

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