We’ve moved!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for us as we have just completed a big move with our JLL Headquarters to our new home at WeWork Moorgate.  Our new location has a contemporary vibe, lots of open space with enhanced technology, facility support and great neighbors. The culture of the facility embodies their mission of ‘Do What You Love’, lending to community, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.  Additionally, these offices offer an opportunity to raise our visibility in London, support our fund development and are the home to several other London charities.

The offices can accommodate large meetings such as our AGM, GMs, LEAD sessions and New Member Information Sessions.  We are delighted that our members now have a professional, modern facility HQ to come visit and use!

(Note: we’re still getting our phones set up so apologies if you’re struggling to reach us!   Please email instead: jrleague@jll.org.uk.)