When We Show Up

The Leadership, Education and Development (LEAD) Committee at the JLL is running our Annual Membership Conference on Saturday 17 March. This conference is a leadership training day designed to bring JLL members, our community partners and other distinguished speakers together for professional development, issue education, and networking.
This year, our theme is “When We Show Up,” sparking conversations and inspiring action towards a common goal resulting in a powerful impact for our London community. We’ve demonstrated this impact when we ‘show up’ at the JLL: women learn English, students gain confidence practicing interview skills, families and elderly receive gifts and food at Christmas, funds are raised for community needs and much much more.
To leadership coach and speaker Hannah Elizabeth Greenwood, it’s just as important to ask “What happens when we don’t show up?” as to wonder what happens when we do. Not showing up can make us pull back and distance ourselves and from life, but as we begin to find our courage and inner confidence—the champion mindset—we find ourselves doing things we never thought we could. Here’s what she says.