Autumn Leader Training a Big Success!

On Saturday 3rd October, we held our Autumn Leader training day, for both current and aspiring leaders.  It was an afternoon of inspiration and self-development — all virtual, of course!  Members learned how to chart their leadership path, create practical skills about telling their JLL Story and heard exciting updates from our executive team.  The event was underpinned by a terrific keynote:

What’s Your Leadership Story: Enhance Your Communications to Engage and Inspire

We communicate with stories because we think in stories. In fact, the human mind is wired to constantly create stories as a mechanism to make sense out of the world and to organize the information we take in. Great leaders have always used stories to engage and inspire others. Stories come in various shapes and sizes. Sometimes they show up as legends which immortalize the organization’s grand accomplishments from earlier times. Sometimes they are metaphors, analogies or symbols that bring ideas and visions to life. Often they are just brief anecdotes that accentuate a communication and grab the listener’s ear. In this session leaders will be given tools to craft three different types of stories and get a chance to craft your own story.

Thanks to all who participated!