Congratulations to our December Member of the Month!

We are excited to announce our December Member of the Month, Cynthia Ward!   Cynthia joined the JLL in Autumn 2012 and became a sustainer this past year.  Having previously chaired several committees including LBDI, NMDC and Events, she also was a keen contributor to the JLL in her active support at events.

This past year, Cynthia has been busy planning and executing the Sustainer’s Christmas party as well as planning the January Sustainer event at the National Portrait Gallery.  She also has been highly active in developing the monthly Sustainer newsletter.  Additionally, Cynthia volunteers nearly every week at the Glassdoor Homeless Charity, often providing the evening pudding which we understand the guests look forward to the most out of the whole meal!  Thanks for all of your contributions Cynthia!