Congratulations to our October Member of the Month!

We are very excited to congratulate Emma Williamson as our October Member of the Month!  She is a very active member of the New Member Development Committee (NMDC), from setting up New Member Socials to encourage New Members to get to know each other better to supporting our recruitment process by helping with Information Sessions. She also is very active in helping New Members in her New Member buddy group to get them acclimated to JLL life.  She had previously co-chaired this committee last year.   Emma joined the league in 2013 and has also served on the Done in a Day committee and Homelessness CAT.  Recently, Emma has been very active helping out with Holiday Hampers, first by helping to secure the location for Hampers this year and then second by securing donations for the equivalent of 7 Hampers!   We also greatly appreciate that she helped us to use her husband James’ employee allocation of advertising at Facebook.  Emma really embodies the ‘ALL IN’ philosophy – thanks for all of your contributions Emma!