December Member(s) of the Month

We are thrilled to recognise our entire Holiday Hampers committee as our December Members of the Month!!   The entire committee did an outstanding job planning and executing our annual Holiday Hampers drive. Despite the numerous challenges posed by COVID, they worked together to provide 707 hampers impacting 1,152 people — managing to provide more hampers than we originally planned for while still staying within budget.  The Holiday Hampers crew put in long hours and did a stellar job rising to this year’s challenges, like creatively using the Amazon wishlist to maximise the number of gifts we could provide for recipients.  Thanks to all of the work they did ahead of time to put COVID safety procedures in place, the assembly shifts ran like a well-oiled machine. Many members commented on how well-organised everything was.

The accolades weren’t just from membership. This letter from West London Action for Children, whose needs were greater this year than ever before, sums it up nicely: “Christmas often brings stress and anxiety to many of our clients, but by providing these hampers you have been able to spread such a sense of good will and it means so much to those who have so little – to receive such goodies at this time of year, enhancing their feelings of well being and helping them see that they are not alone. Thank you to all of you at the Junior League for going the extra mile in 2020, the most challenging year in living memory.”

THANK YOU for your hard work and amazing efforts Holiday Hampers Committee!!