Men’s loafers, brogues, oxfords, boots, boat shoes, bright striped socks, overnight bags and wallets



Woven stretchy polo belts in an array of colours and styles. Luxurious bamboo socks


Six years a luxury glove brand; we have now launch a bespoke range of umbrellas and scarves. Unique, luxurious, handmade and something to shout home about



Gilets, ties and accessories for men. Designed by Ruby Vestey, Hand Made in England





All-natural, British luxury holistic skincare. Delivers immediate results with clinically-proven anti-ageing actives. Stress-alleviating. Multi-award winning





Cashmere shawls from Scotland and India for men and women, exquisite diamond and semi-precious jewellery

Veronica Matthew 

Antique and decorative objets d’art