Recognising outstanding members at our AGM

We are very pleased to announce our outstanding members who were recognised at the 2016-17 Annual General Meeting, on 23 May 2017! Congratulations to all!

May Member of the Month Award

Many congratulations to Joan Buerk, for being named the May Member of the Month! Joan is a dedicated JLL member, who has quietly but consistently and supportively served Junior League for 15 years. She often turns up to a Done in a Day, a Conference or Fundraiser, and is there, smiling, and being the cheerleader that she always is. She has also recently stepped up from being an ‘Active Sustainer’ to become a member of the 2017-18 Board, for which we are truly grateful.

Sustainer of the Year Award

The Sustainer of the Year has been awarded to Francine Bosco! You can often find Francine at the Hammersmith & Fulham Foodbank, just getting on with it. She has been a JLL member for 8 years and supports us in so many ways, including hosting Neighbourhood Meetings, raising lots of funds for LBDI, and recruiting friends to join her in purchasing Patron tickets for our Fundraisers. We love it when Sustainers continue to be All In! Thank you!

Dynamic Duo of the Year Award

Well done to The Dynamic Duo, Jessica May and Antonia Vaptzarova! These two co-chairs complement each other very well, in the way they work. Like many of our members, they have rather demanding jobs in The City, so when one might not be able to make a meeting or call, the other will often say, “I trust her to represent us both, and debrief me afterward.” They are fun, and they were instrumental in planning and producing one of the most entertaining and successful event fundraisers that JLL has hosted in a while.

Leader of the Year Award

Many congratulations to Bejay Ugale, who has been named The Leader of the Year! Bejay transferred into JLL 7 years ago and got stuck in, right away. She is a people person, and her Placements over the years reflect that. She is always fun to work with, is calm under pressure, and leads by example. You will have seen that she has several, different teams reporting into her, and she captains them well – despite her demanding job in The City. We are also truly appreciative of her continued service in the same role, next League year.

Volunteer of the Year Award

The Volunteer of the Year was awarded to Brie Doyle! Brie joined JLL 5 years ago. She always has a smile on her face, which we can also see reflected in the photos that she posts of her adorable children. Well-rounded in her placements and always willing to serve – often quietly doing so, she is someone on whom we can always rely. And like so many Junior League members, around the world, motherhood is something she handles with grace, along with supporting JLL in many ways. We are grateful for your continued service! Thank you!