THE LBDI COVID-19 Poverty Appeal

What is the LBDI COVID-19 Poverty Appeal?

COVID-19 continues to impact our world, and while we’re distancing physically, we can stand together in solidarity with those who have been hit hardest by it.

On May 4th, the JLL will be launching the LBDI COVID19 Poverty Appeal to raise awareness of the impact of COVID-19 on poverty in London, with the majority of the funds we raise going directly to support those most affected.  While this is still an emerging issue, the challenges facing those in poverty are already increasing as we see growing demands on the foodbanks and additional needs for the homeless and those in refuges. 

For 4 days, our members will be wearing a black dress or outfit as a symbol of solidarity in times of crisis; in recognition of all that London’s volunteers & essential workers are doing; and to raise funds for those working with London’s most vulnerable.  Please help us address the implications of COVID-19 and maintain the impactful programs the JLL has developed over the last 35yrs. 

Given 35 years of volunteerism and direct community work, providing help where it is needed most, the JLL is well positioned to make an immediate difference through our partners on the frontline like the Trussell Trust foodbanks, Hestia, GlassDoor and Restart.  

Want to get involved from home?

  1. Sign up here to participate in the JLL’s LBDI COVID-19 Poverty Appeal – join us as we collectively stand up to raise awareness and funds for those in poverty!

  2. Show your support by donating the equivalent of your daily commute, weekly coffee fund or a dinner out – every pound helps.

  3. Raise awareness of our work and our community partners’ stories by following, liking & sharing our posts on:  #TheLBDI #JLstrong #thisJLLcan #CovidRelief #covidpoverty #teamLBDI

In what is a hugely uncertain time for each of us, our families and business, we are incredibly grateful for your support in any and all forms – every post, every pound, and every ‘like’ helps!  Together, we are #JLstrong; Together, we can impact #covidpoverty.

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