Volunteer of the Year

Our Annual General Meeting is the time that we celebrate our members and our successes of the year… as well as reveal our annual award winners.  Our member of the year this year is quite exceptional.  Not only has she been double placed, she has also been instrumental behind the scenes in supporting the JLL and keeping us running every time we leveraged the furlough scheme this past year.

So we are thrilled to announce Isobel Jewell as our member of the year, who is also our Active at Large on the MC and RRC co-Chair.  Isobel has also been the brains behind our adoption of the Placement Matching Tool for the last 2 years.

Through her help with the Furlough scheme, PMT and her AAL projects she has helped the JLL become 1000x more efficient with Transfer Processing and Placement. On average the JLL has been able to get transfers welcomed, placed and paid within 48-72 hours and all of our recent transfers have become engaged members.

Isobel has ensured a strong community in our Revenue Research Committee and as part of the Little Venice, Paddington, Maida Vale Neighbourhood group.   This includes but is not limited to social virtual meet ups for the Christmas Carol, and Socially distanced within govt guidelines Remmy Gardens Meet ups.  Isobel, THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for all of your hard work.